The Journey Wilderness Expertise

The Journey Wilderness Experience incorporates outdoor living skills and experience programming using an extreme treatment-oriented jungle therapy program, which generates dwelling metaphors for life and transform. We feel that a fruitful travel for our students starts with the very best evaluation possible to map out every teenagers and young adult’s travel of change. For the end, we add in the price of this program, a complete psychological evaluation for every adolescent since they go into our Wilderness Therapy program.

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The Journey Wilderness Functions in various regions based on the year. Throughout the fall and summer we put up camp at the top Uinta Mountains nearby Spirit Lake. In 10,200 feet that the experience is exceptional among troubled adolescents and young mature wilderness applications. From the winter and spring we proceed to the imperial west coast of Utah that offers a drier setting and not as much snow. In these settings customers are supplied with the proper shield and sleeping methods to permit them to remain warm and dry whatever the weather.

So as to maximize the household’s Capability to get their insurance, we now utilize a base camp version where the customers visit yarn camp (tents and shelters made from canvas) every week in a facility that’s accredited as an inpatient and day treatment plan. At the winter and spring our base camp can be found in Spirit Lake Ranch at Mona Utah. At the summer and our camp can be found near Spirit Lake Lodge at the high Uinta Mountains. Throughout the bottom camp Part of The week, customers take part in both treatment and skills-based classes, work on pioneer and wilderness skills, get family and individual treatment. In addition they use this period for finishing the emotional assessment. In addition, it provides them and chance to get showers, love more assortment of food choices within their menu, and then do their own laundry. The customers then use the remaining part of the week to get expeditions and experiences of various sorts.

Throughout living in character at our troubled adolescent and young adult camp, most pupils go through the joy of linking Together with the ground, the water, the skies, their households. The Expedition of discovery in our outdoor treatment program isn’t merely teaching Adolescents how to flourish in the anasazi foundation wilderness therapy program, so it’s helping them research new Horizons, what that they love and what they are capable of growing. They have the Chance to Cultivate their abilities, their fantasies, and their Ability to produce healthy decisions while raising an appreciation for your great Things they have in their own lives.